First prize at the 2012 VISHNO Challenge

A scientific team of which was a member Olivier Thomas rewarded by the first prize at the 2012 VISHNO Challenge

The LMSSC took up the VISHNO Challenge, organized at the 18th Symposium on VIbration, SHocks and NOise, VISHNO 2012, which took place in Clamart, France, July 3-5 2012. The VISHNO Challenge opposes mixed teams composed of academic and exhibitors. Each team had 24 hours to freely treat the proposed scientific subject, in an experimental standpoint, modeling, identification, or any other axis that the team will be able to argue. Teams presented their work in a free exposition + 5 minutes of discussions and a jury ranked the teams on the basis of three criteria: the scientific and technical quality of work, the originality of the approach, the quality of oral presentation.

The LMSSC's international team was composed of Olivier THOMAS (Assistant professor, LMSSC), Mathias LEGRAND (Professor, McGill University, Canada, link), Christophe PIERRE (Professor, University of Illinois, USA, link), Ferit BONFIL (Engineer, Politec, France, link) and Bernard ROUX (Engineer, Visiolaser, link). During the 24 hours, a simple one degree of freedom model of the vibrating beam was established, implemented and compared to experiments obtained by means of a laser vibrometer and a high speed camera. Our team, opposed to a tenth of other academic/industrial teams, gained the first prize: a 2250-H sound level meter, given by the manufacturer of sound and vibration products Brüel & Kjaer (link), of a value of 7 651 euros.

Olivier Thomas presents the work of the rewarded team composed by Bernard Roux, Ferit Bonfil, Christophe Pierre, Mathias Legrand and himself.

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