Anisotropic porous materials, and then ?

At LMSSC, Cnam, Paris, March 20th 2012, 14 p.m.

Peter Göransson
Professor, VinnExcellence Center for ECO2 Vehicle design, Marcus Wallenberg Laboratory for Sound and Vibration Research,
Department of Aeronautical and Vehicle Engineering, School of Engineering Sciences, KTH, Stockholm, Sweden

During the recent years considerable efforts have been spent on characterising elastic, dynamic and acoustic properties of porous materials. Originally having been considered isotropic, such materials are now studied in terms of their anisotropic properties. The presentation will discuss results obtained on foamed polymers with open cell structure, focussing on properties like the elastic moduli, flow resistivities and viscoelastic moduli and the methods used to derive them. In addition, having estimated such material models, the influence of the estimated anisotropy on the vibroacoustic performance will be illustrated and evaluated for typical automotive multi-layer configurations.

Laboratoire de Mécanique des Structures et des Systèmes Couplés - LMSSC