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International journals


  • C. Langrenne, M. Melon, A. Garcia, Boundary element method for the acoustic characterization of a machine in bounded noisy environment, Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 121 (5), 2750-2757, 2007. doi

  • 2004

  • O. de La Rochefoucauld, M. Melon, A. Garcia, Time domain holography: Forward projection of simulated and measured sound pressure fields, Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 116 (1), 142-153, 2004. doi

International conferences


  • É. Bavu, A. Ramamonjy, H. Pujol, A. Garcia. TimeScaleNet: A multiresolution approach for raw audio recognition. Proceedings of the 44th IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing, ICASSP 2019, Brighton, UK, May 12-17, 2019.

  • C. Langrenne, É. Bavu, A. Garcia. A linear phase IIR filterbank for the radial filters of ambisonic recordings. Proceedings of the EAA Spatial Audio Signal Processing Symposium, SASP 2019, Paris, France, September 6-7, 2019.

  • H. Pujol, É. Bavu, A. Garcia. Source localization in reverberant rooms using Deep Learning and microphone arrays. Proceedings of the 23rd International Congress on Acoustics, ICA 2019, integrating the 4th EAA Euroregio 2019, Aachen, Germany, September 9-13, 2019.

  • 2018

  • A. Ramamonjy, É. Bavu, A. Garcia, S. Hengy. Source localization and identification with a compact array of digital MEMS microphones. Proceedings of the 25th International Congress on Sound and Vibration 2018, ICSV 25, Hiroshima, Japan, July 8-12, 2018.

  • 2017

  • A. Ramamonjy, É. Bavu, A. Garcia, S. Hengy. A distributed network of compact microphone arrays for drone detection and tracking. Proceedings of Acoustics'17, Boston, Massachusetts, USA, June 25-29, 2017. doi

  • 2015

  • P. Lecomte, P.-A. Gauthier, C. Langrenne, A. Garcia, A. Berry. On the use of a Lebedev grid for ambisonics. Proceedings of the 139th International Audio Engineering Society Convention, New York City, USA, October 29 - November 1st, 2015. link

  • 2014

  • M. Tahon, É. Bavu, M. Melon, A. Garcia. Attack transient exploration on sopranino recorder with time-domain near-field acoustic holography method. Proceedings of the International Symposium on Musical Acoustics, ISMA 2014, Le Mans, France, July 7-12, 2014.

  • 2012

  • É. Bavu, C. Auzou, M. Monteil, M. Melon, C. Langrenne, A. Garcia. Time-Reversal Imaging and Field-Separation-Method applied to the study of the steelpan radiation. Proceedings of Acoustics2012, Nantes, France, April 23-27, 2012.

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