Books and book chapters


  • V. Kehr-Candille, R. Ohayon, Elasto-acoustic damped vibrations. Finite element and modal reduction methods, 321-334, New Advances in Computational Structural Mechanics, Studies in Applied Mechanics, Volume 32, Proceedings of the European Conference on New Advances in Computational Structural Mechanics, Giens, France, 2-5 April 1991, Edited by P. Ladevèze and O. C. Zienkiewicz, Elsevier, 483 pages, 1992.
    ISBN : 978-0-444-89057-3
  • R. Ohayon, Structures intelligentes, 120-127, DGA Science et défense 92, Nouvelles avancées scientifiques et techniques, Acoustique et vibrations, Robotique mobile, Volume 2, Édité par la DGA, Dunod, 411 pages, 1992.
  • 1991

  • R. Ohayon, Vibrations of fluid-structure coupled systems, 357-366, The finite element method in the 1990's, A book dedicated to O. C. Zienkiewicz, Edited by E. Oñate, J. Periaux and A. Samuelsson, CIMNE Barcelona, Springer-Verlag, 638 pages, 1991.
    ISBN : 978-3-662-10328-9
  • 1984

  • R. Ohayon, R. Valid, True symmetric variational formulations for fluid-structure interaction in bounded domains - Finite element results, 293-325, Numerical Methods in Coupled Systems, Wiley Series in Numerical Methods in Engineering, Edited by R. W. Lewis, P. Bettess and E. Hinton, Wiley, 618 pages, 1984.
    ISBN : 978-0-471-90122-8
  • R. Ohayon, Transient and modal analysis of bounded medium fluid-structure problems, 139-149, Numerical Methods for Transient and Coupled Problems, Proceedings of an International Conference held in Venice, Italy, 9-13 July 1984, Edited by R. W. Lewis, E. Hinton, P. Bettess and B. A. Schrefler, Pineridge Press, 1006 pages, 1984.
    ISBN : 978-0-906-67434-5
  • 1981

  • R. Ohayon, R. Valid, True symmetric formulations of free vibrations of fluid-structure interaction - Applications and extensions, 335-345, Numerical Methods for Coupled Problems, Proceedings of the International Conference held at the University College, Swansea, UK, 7-11 September 1981, Edited by E. Hinton, P. Bettess and R. W. Lewis, Pineridge Press, 1040 pages, 1981.
    ISBN : 978-0-906-67413-0

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