Lucie Rouleau

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Revues internationales ACL


  • L. Rouleau, J.-F. Deü, A. Legay, A comparison of model reduction techniques based on modal projection for structures with frequency-dependent damping, Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing, 90, 110–125, 2017. doi

  • 2016

  • R. Pirk, L. Rouleau, W. Desmet, B. Pluymers, Validating the modeling of sandwich structures with constrained layer damping using fractional derivative models, Journal of the Brazilian Society of Mechanical Sciences and Engineering, 38 (7), 1959-1972, 2016. doi

  • 2015

  • L. Rouleau, R. Pirk, B. Pluymers, W. Desmet, Characterization and modeling of the viscoelastic behavior of a self-adhesive rubber using dynamic mechanical analysis tests, Journal of Aerospace Technology and Management, 7 (2), 200-208, 2015. doi

  • 2013

  • L. Rouleau, J.-F. Deü, A. Legay, F. Le Lay, Application of Kramers-Kronig relations to time-temperature superposition for viscoelastic materials, Mechanics of Materials, 65, 66-75, 2013. doi

  • 2012

  • L. Rouleau, J.-F. Deü, A. Legay, J.-F. Sigrist, Vibro-acoustic study of a viscoelastic sandwich ring immersed in water, Journal of Sound and Vibration, 331 (3), 522-539, 2012. doi

Conférences internationales ACTI


  • J.-F. Deü, L. Rouleau, D. Matignon. Time domain finite element analysis of structures with fractional viscoelastic damping using time-diffusive scheme. Proceedings of the 2nd Euro-Mediterranean Conference on Structural Dynamics and Vibroacoustics, MEDYNA 2017, Sevilla, Spain, April 25-27, 2017.

  • L. Rouleau, J.-F. Deü. Time-domain analysis of viscoelastic systems. Proceedings of the X International Conference on Structural Dynamics, EURODYN 2017, Rome, Italy, September 10-13, 2017. doi

  • 2016

  • L. Rouleau, J.-F. Deü. Time domain analysis of viscoelastic models. Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Uncertainty in Structural Dynamics, USD 2016, and of the 27th International Conference on Noise and Vibration Engineering, ISMA 2016, Leuven, Belgium, September 19-21, 2016.

  • L. Rouleau, J.-F. Deü, A. Legay. Inverse characterisation of frequency-dependent properties of adhesives. Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Motion and Vibration Control and of the 12th International Conference on Recent Advances in Structural Dynamics, MOVIC RASD 2016, Southampton, UK, July 3-6, 2016. doi

  • 2015

  • J.-F. Deü, L. Rouleau, A. Legay. Viscoelastic interface finite elements for the modeling of complex structures with thin constrained damping layer. Proceedings of the 17th International Symposium on Dynamic Problems of Mechanics, DINAME 2015, Natal, Brazil, February 22-27, 2015.

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