Magdalini Titirla

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  • M. Titirla, K. Katakalos, G. Zuccaro, F. Fabbrocino. On a novel energy dissipation mechanism of truss structures. Proceedings of the XXIII Conference of the Italian Association of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (Associazione Italiana di Meccanica Teorica e Applicata), AIMETA 2017, Salerno, Italy, September 4-7, 2017.

Ouvrages et chapitres OS


  • I.-K. Fontara, M. Titirla, F. Wuttke, A. Athanatopoulou, G. D. Manolis, P. S. Dineva, Effects of local site conditions on inelastic dynamic response of R/C bridges, 203-217, Dynamic Response of Infrastructure to Environmentally Induced Loads: Analysis, Measurements, Testing, and Design, Lecture Notes in Civil Engineering, Volume 2, Edited by A. G. Sextos and G. D. Manolis, Springer, 286 pages, 2017. doi
    ISBN: 978-3-319-56134-9

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