A method for computation of discontinuous wave propagation in heterogeneous solids

At LMSSC, Cnam, Paris, June 10th 2011, 11 a.m.

S.J. Lim, H. Huh
Division of Ocean Systems Engineering, School of Mechanical Engineering, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Daejeon, South Korea
K.C. Park
Professor, Department of Aerospace Engineering Sciences, University of Colorado, Boulder, USA

An explicit integration algorithm for computation of discontinuous wave propagation in heterogeneous solids is presented, which is aimed at minimizing spurious oscillations when the wave fronts pass through several zones of different wave speeds. Hence, the present method can be applied to multi-physics and multi-scale problems in which discontinuous spatial and temporal wave forms need to be accurately captured without incurring spurious oscillations. The essence of the present method is a combination of two wave capturing characteristics: post-shock oscillations of most existing explicit integrators and a new integration construction that is designed to triggers shock-front oscillations. It is shown that a judicious combination of these two characteristics substantially reduces both shock-front and post-shock oscillations. The performance of the new method is demonstrated as applied to wave propagation through a uniform bar with varying courant numbers, then to heterogeneous bars.

Laboratoire de Mécanique des Structures et des Systèmes Couplés - LMSSC