Reduced-order partitioned modeling of coupled systems: Formulation and computational algorithms

At LMSSC, Cnam, Paris, June 9th 2004
K.C. Park
Professor, Department of Aerospace Engineering Sciences and Center for Aerospace Structures,
University of Colorado, Boulder, USA

Interface treatment presents a challenge for the partitioned simulation of coupled-field or multiphysics problems. This challenge becomes even more compounded when each subsystem is modeled in terms of substantially reduced degrees of freedom. We present a partitioned formulation that may offer a guide for reducing partition-level degrees of freedom and may obviate the interface treatment challenge not only for the reduced-order modeling of coupled systems but also for the conventional partitioned modeling of coupled-field problems. Examples will be presented to illustrate the effectiveness of the proposed formulation and computational procedures.

Laboratoire de Mécanique des Structures et des Systèmes Couplés - LMSSC