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    ISBN : 978-158-603-479-5
  • 2004

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    ISBN : 978-047-084-699-5
  • 2000

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    ISBN : 978-086-380-251-5
  • 1998

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    ISBN : 978-012-524-945-4
  • 1997

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    ISBN : 978-0-965-70010-8
  • 1995

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  • 1992

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    ISBN : 978-0-444-89057-3
  • 1991

  • R. Ohayon, Vibrations of fluid-structure coupled systems, 357-366, The finite element method in the 1990's, A book dedicated to O. C. Zienkiewicz, Edited by E. Oñate, J. Periaux and A. Samuelsson, CIMNE Barcelona, Springer-Verlag, 638 pages, 1991.
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  • 1984

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    ISBN : 978-0-906-67434-5

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